ASP.NET Developer Previews Galore

Jon Galloway, a Microsoft developer for ASP.NET, announced a number of new exciting things for ASP.NET developers.

He references Scott Guthrie’s vNext blog that keeps everyone up to date as well. There have been updates in editor support for smart tasks and event handler generation, data controls, and model binding.

We previously mentioned updates on MVC 4 which has a number of great new features. Some of the best new features are various new mobile functionalities.

Visual Studio 11 will come with Page Inspector. The tool allows you to do things like inspect web pages and select CSS rules.

Jason Zanders’ post notes that ASP.NET 4.5 is tailored to meet the top concerns developers have had.

ASP.NET’s “What’s New” gives a look as well. These new changes will hopefully prove to be of great benefit to the ASP.NET developing world.

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